These terms and conditions ("Terms") set out the basis upon which a person who completes and submits a registration form for membership (either in writing via the Application Form originally offered to sign up to the programme or via official electronic or online methods, be it an official EUROSPAR website or Mobile Application or other method available) of the EUROSPAR SuperEasy Rewards Programme (a "Registered Member") may receive certain benefits and services. Registration, becoming a “Registered Member” is validated and established by a EUROSPAR SuperEasy Rewards programme card holder receiving a confirmation message from EUROSPAR via SMS or Email.

1. The promoter of the SuperEasy Rewards programme (the "programme") in the Republic of Ireland is BWG Foods UC, BWG House, Greenhills Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 Y722.

2. The SuperEasy Rewards cards and key fobs are issued by the promoter and distributed by your local EUROSPAR retailer and remain the property of the promoter and the relevant EUROSPAR retailer. The SuperEasy Rewards cards and key fobs must be surrendered if so requested for any reason. If found, please return to any EUROSPAR store.

3. We reserve the right to alter, suspend or terminate the programme and to alter these Terms where reasonably necessary at any time without prior notice. The current version of these Terms will be available on the EUROSPAR website (

4. A person may not hold more than one membership. Your membership may be suspended or terminated at any time if you breach these Terms or if we or the relevant EUROSPAR retailer, at our/its sole discretion, believe(s) there are any other reasonable grounds for doing so.

5. Registered Members will be awarded one point for every euro spent in-store on eligible purchases. These points have no intrinsic cash value that passes to registered members when they are awarded. While points have no intrinsic cash value, members can use the points in the store of issue to receive discounts off their shopping bills, at a rate of 1c per point redeemed, at any time chosen by the registered member, during the subsequent 12 months after the points have been awarded.

6. All points accrued on cards but not redeemed in the store of issue within 12 months will be deemed void and eliminated from the programme records. A notification will be sent to members to advise them in advance of this procedure taking place.

7. Points will not be awarded in respect of purchases of tobacco products, forecourt fuel, alcohol, all exclusive SuperEasy Rewards programme dual priced offers, phone top up/ phone cards, all lottery products, baby formula under 6 months, gift vouchers, savings stamps and vending machine purchases. Other products may be excluded at the discretion of the promoter/ EUROSPAR retailer or in line with legislative change. We pride ourselves on being a socially responsible business. For that reason, points are not awarded on the purchase of any alcohol products in EUROSPAR stores.

8. You must present the SuperEasy Rewards card/ key fob or app at the checkout in the EUROSPAR store of issue during each transaction to maximise potential reward opportunities. Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash.

9. Our decision shall be final and binding on all parties in all matters regarding the SuperEasy Rewards programme.

10. We welcome members of all ages to register for programme membership. We will not, however, send details of any offers electronically to Registered Members under 18 years of age. It is the responsibility of all applicants to be truthful and honest in respect of all details provided in their application, particularly in relation to their date of birth. This is to ensure that we fully comply, amongst other things, with our data protection obligations and corporate social responsibility policies.

11. Registered Members may upload money to their SuperEasy Rewards card or key fob in the EUROSPAR store of issue only, in order to use the card or key fob as a handy pre-pay facility. Registered Members may redeem these pre-pay amounts against the purchase of goods in the store of issue only, at a time of the registered members choosing. When used as a pre-pay facility or for any other reason in which money is uploaded to the SuperEasy Rewards card or key fob registered members must treat such cards and key fobs as cash. Registered Members are responsible for all risks of misuse and unauthorised use of your card and key fobs. Neither we nor the relevant EUROSPAR retailer of issue will accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss resulting from cards and/or key fobs being stolen, mislaid, misused etc. In such an event it is each registered member’s responsibility to notify, at the earliest possible time in writing, the EUROSPAR store of issue, in which the money was uploaded to the SuperEasy Rewards card and key fobs, who will then take all reasonable steps to ensure that any financial loss is minimised.

12. In the event that a card or key fob is stolen, lost or damaged, etc., replacements are available from your local EUROSPAR store. The replacement card and key fobs must then be activated with your details. Contact for details on registering a new card and 2 key fobs against personal details already submitted. If a new card and key fobs are registered against personal details already submitted then all old cards and key fobs previously associated with the members personal details will automatically be deactivated.

13. SuperEasy Rewards cards and key fobs are non-transferable and may only be used by the registered Member or a person in the Member's immediate family. All electronic communications of offers are intended solely for the benefit of the registered Member.

14. Every Registered Member is unique; therefore, variable offers may be made available to customers of the same store.

15. If an account is inactive for a twelve month period it will be removed from the programme. All points accrued by that account will also be deleted. A notification will be sent to members to advise them in advance of removal.

16. The GDPR principle of adequacy requires the data we hold is adequate for the purposes for which it is collected. Member data is collected not only to allow a member to use the programme, but also to allow us to communicate about the functioning of the programme. We cannot communicate with members about important changes to the programme if we do not have valid contact details.

17. If you change your email or mobile phone number, you can adjust your contact details by visiting

18. Communications of offers and rewards to Registered Members (except those on open display in EUROSPAR stores) will be via email and/or text message, as well as via available Social Media channels and Mobile Applications should they be so existing. If we do not have your current details, we will not be able to send you this information. Technical issues and human error may also restrict transmissions. In such events, neither the promoter nor any participating EUROSPAR retailer will bear any responsibility whatsoever for any loss resulting from the non-communication of programme offers or rewards.

19. All offers must be availed of within any time periods specified. All rewards are subject to availability and may be withdrawn or altered.

20. Product / Offer quotas may apply to Registered Members at the discretion of the promoter or EUROSPAR Retailer.

21. Registered Members will receive an email or text to notify you when your SuperEasy Rewards card and key fobs has been fully activated. We will send you this ‘account servicing’ communication by email or text, even where you have indicated that you do not wish to receive marketing or promotional communications of offers or rewards via email or text. This welcome communication does not impact your privacy rights, and will contain a computer-generated password so that you can access the SuperEasy Rewards area at This is a temporary password only, and all registered members are advised to change it on-line to a more secure personal password as soon as possible following receipt.

22. These Terms and your registration form contain the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the SuperEasy Rewards programme. Except as expressly set out in these Terms, to the greatest extent permitted by law, all warranties, conditions, representations, undertaking, statements, terms and provisions express or implied by statute, common law or otherwise are excluded by us.

23. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Irish law and any disputes arising under these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts.

Data Protection and Privacy Statement: Personal details that you supply during the registration process or that we obtain through your use of your SuperEasy Rewards card or key fobs will be held by Lorgan Technologies Ltd (trading as Azpiral) and EUROSPAR retailers on behalf of BWG Foods UC in strictest confidence and in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. We may use such personal details for the purposes of understanding and profiling your shopping habits, helping us to manage and improve the programme, enhancing our overall service to you and (unless you indicate otherwise) sending you details of offers and rewards that are available to you and other information that is deemed relevant to you. At EUROSPAR we will only communicate with you via email or SMS to make you aware of all the offers available to Supereasy Rewards members or to update you on the functionality of the rewards programme.

For both of these purposes we rely on our legitimate interest as the lawful basis for doing so and you can opt-out from receiving such messages now or at any time in the future. For more details, please to refer to our privacy policy [(clickable link to the policy)]. Specified personal information must be made available by you in order for you to receive communications of offers and rewards. No personal data will be divulged except to authorised third parties who process or manage information relating to the programme on our behalf.

We will not use data provided by anyone under 18 years of age for any purpose other than to identify them as Members of the programme so that they can collect points and avail of in-store offers available to all Members (excluding age restricted products or services).

You have the rights afforded to you under the GDPR, subject to certain exceptions, including the rights to access or rectify any personal data we hold about you.

To exercise these rights, please submit a written request, including information relating to your Supereasy Rewards account, to the Consumer Rewards Programme Manager, BWG Foods, BWG House, Greenhills Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 Y722 or by email to

You can opt out of the use of your data for marketing purposes at any time by changing your preferences online or by requesting this in writing at the above address. Our current Data Protection and Privacy Statement provisions are always available on the EUROSPAR website.